Once in a lifetime experience

July 27, 2023

We, the four of us had a very enjoyable n once in a lifetime experience in the above trip, which, was very well planned for us by Mr Anirudh Das, which was exhaustive.
The car was good and the driver Boro dada was excellent, he, knew the ways, like, the back of his hand! He was courteous n respectful. The driver to Bumla pass, Mr Bema was equally good too.
Breakfast n dinner was included in our plan, which, almost in every hotel, we were put up served us to our liking. Thanks to them.
Now, coming to the hotels, we were put up in, I would say all were really very good, except for landmark hotel in shillong, which, was pathetic, with broken flooring n very bad housekeeping.
The Dirang, resort, on a riverbank was altogether a different experience except that there’s a long walk, so, it becomes difficult with bags(our bags were carried by the lady employee, we felt bad for her.
So, if, the tourist are informed about this n if they have to spend just a night, they can just pack minimum things.
Overall, we, enjoyed our trip immensely. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Anirudh Das n his associates. Looking forward to next tour…with you.
God bless

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